MadPx Mondays
A Brief History of Power
SMChill082821 Soul Rendered
SMChill082821 Soul Rendered

This week, the Mad Christian and Meridith speak about: 

00:00 Opening

01:29 Title

08:26 Why is Jesus tarrying?

12:48 Knowing the times and being wide awake

24:30 Break

27:27 Why did Luke record Jesus as "being filled with the Holy Spirit"

34:04 Christians should take back their language

35:50 Christians are filled with the Holy Spirit

43:38 Icons, images, Lutheranism and the Second Council of Nicaea

50:33 Images as help against torment, CTPSD

53:07 Icons should tell a story about Jesus

59:04 The Bible was misused against you but don't let the devil stop you from reading the Word

1:04:23 John 6 "Eat my flesh"

01:14:45 The church has no life without the Supper

01:16:35 Break

01:18:28 Media discernment, lies and getting reports from varied sources

01:20:50 Volunteerism at church

01:26:00 Generational roles, belonging in organizations, and the problem in saving crumbling institutions

01:35:38 Your grown child is living with her boyfriend

1:55:34 The pope and the antichrist

2:03:13 Does James teach that I need perfect faith to pray?

2:12:15 My job at a Lutheran school is on the line if I don't join the church which has a "contemporary service"

2:29:05 Do you have allies in your congregation?

2:31:03 Final remarks

MadPx Mondays

A Brief History of Power

Every week Dr. Adam Koontz and Rev. Jonathan Fisk check their privilege against the backdrop of the wide and varied annals of history. You don‘t have to believe the Babel about the sons of Noah being a rosetta for understanding the postmodern global politic to agree that an intellectual dark web exists because history always rhymes, no matter what you try to do about it. You might not save the world by listening, citizen, but that doesn‘t mean you won‘t save someone. Because knowing is only the first half of the battle.