MadPx Mondays
A Brief History of Power
SMChill082121 Tetragrammaton!
SMChill082121 Tetragrammaton!

This week, the Mad Christian and Meredith speak about: 

00:00 Opening

00:41 Title

06:05 Worried that emotions are sinful

20:12 Hard times drive people people to the Scripture

21:05 The Psalter is for fighting Tchthulu

23:01 Damnation and shame: Hell is good news

26:42 Break

30:24 Burned out trying to find others who take their faith seriously

33:06 Hebrew and the Tetragrammaton

33:56 Why was Saul's repentance rejected?

44:29 Emotional and physical purity, prudence and folly while engaged to be married

1:01:13 Porn is damaging

1:32:48 Contentment, excellence and quietism

1:48:50 Will baptism save my grandmother with dementia?

1:58:33 How to respond to claims early Christians used psychedelics during Communion

2:05:16 How to respond to the claim that demon-possession in the Word was only mental illness

1:06:40 Break

1:10:34 Divorce and remarriage and troubled consciences

1:24:34 Sins of ignorance vs high-handed sin

1:28:46 Grieving with those

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MadPx Mondays

A Brief History of Power

Every week Dr. Adam Koontz and Rev. Jonathan Fisk check their privilege against the backdrop of the wide and varied annals of history. You don‘t have to believe the Babel about the sons of Noah being a rosetta for understanding the postmodern global politic to agree that an intellectual dark web exists because history always rhymes, no matter what you try to do about it. You might not save the world by listening, citizen, but that doesn‘t mean you won‘t save someone. Because knowing is only the first half of the battle.