Aug 8, 2021 • 2HR 24M

SMChill073121 Go Go Yoga Flame!

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Every week Dr. Koontz and RevFisk check their privilege against the backdrop of the wide and varied annals of history.
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This week, the Mad Christian speaks about:   This week, the Mad Christian speaks about: What is holy ground? Pro-vaccine pulpits? Can Christians practice yoga? Who can baptize? What is meant by "the moon by night" in Psalm 121? How do i become zealous for the Gospel?   Also, Mrs Fisk joins the discussion to assure us: Teenagers aren't always horrible   The opinions expressed on the SMChill are those of RevFisk, but sometimes also God. Studies show that learning to tell the difference greatly enhances your viewing experience. If you need help, the Holy Bible stands ready to assist you, as (hopefully) does your local, trustworthy pastor.   Watch the Saturday Morning Chill and more on YouTube  Order Rev Fisk's latest book Without Flesh through Amazon  Support the Mad Christian at Patreon Sign up for the Mad Mondays Newsletter