Aug 27, 2020 • 1HR 6M

BHoP#003 Colonial Semi-Shemitism and other Sordid Historical Anomalies

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Every week Dr. Koontz and RevFisk check their privilege against the backdrop of the wide and varied annals of history.
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Judah was from the line of Shem, not Japhepth = "not white" by blood.

Ideology is Idolatry 

"The heathen state of Nimrod"

Men follow crowds, not reasons.

Tribe: a group of people who see that they are all vulnerable in the same way. 


  • Takes Everything 

  • Superiority complex

  • Compels assimilation 

"Power" is the prestige that rules the mob. It is traded in status; money, but is truly a mater of "wealth". 

Even with all the world your oyster, you still must manage the circus.

Good Rev. Dr. Koontz, Associate Prof. Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne

Agrarian, Egg-Head. 

Sometimes Right Rev. Jonathan Fisk, Admin. Shepherd at  St Paul Rockford 

Author, Fool.