Apr 13, 2022 • 3HR 7M

032 Daring Greatly in Ungrateful Times

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Our little corner of life, liberty and loving Jesus.
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Grab your favorite cup of warm, tasty life-altering potion, get busy on your favorite knick-knackery, and enjoy the ride, the heartbeat of the Mad Christian network is the community that gathers here, so don't hesitate to jump into the comments. It's a village, not a club, and we plan to be here a while: like, till the end of the world. So calm down: remember that rest is from God: and thank him for Saturday mornings on which there is no better thing to do than ponder life in his universe and... chill.

This week, the Mad Christian and Meridith speak about: 

00:00 Recovering appreciation of people for the sake of it
04:18 Higher Things announcement has forced the issue
14:30 A not-White Noise Watch about giving up whiteness for Lent
21:02 Jane Austen is too white
28:15 Are Easter Egg hunts racist?
29:08 War, sanctions and running out of food
31:20 Mad Christian is a fan of carnivore diet
38:23 Another Pfizer trial doc dump
44:01 Flame likes "Without Flesh"!
45:55 Meridith read an awesome Psalm this morning and thought about aging
55:06 Wolfmueller's comment about suffering causing people crying out to God
1:00:05 Hebron Collegium's site is looking schmick
1:06:40 Sardines - get used to it
1:09:55 How to begin Homeschooling
1:41:54 Domestic abuse and authority
1:59:58 Word games and women's roles in church
2:21:00  Believing you are worthy
2:33:15 Allegories in Scripture

The opinions expressed on the Stop the White Noise are those of RevFisk and Meridith, but sometimes also God. Studies show that learning to tell the difference greatly enhances your viewing experience.

If you need help, the Holy Bible stands ready to assist you, as (hopefully) does your local, trustworthy pastor.

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