Sep 9, 2021 • 2HR 39M

001 Like a Tree

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Our little corner of life, liberty and loving Jesus.
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Grab your favorite cup of warm, tasty life-altering potion, get busy on your favorite knick-knackery, and enjoy the ride, the heartbeat of the Mad Christian network.  It's a village, not a club, and we plan to be here a while: like, till the end of the world. So calm down: remember that rest is from God: and thank him for Saturday mornings on which there is no better thing to do than ponder life in his universe and... chill.

This week, the Mad Christian and Meredith speak about:  

00:00 Opening comments
9:39 How should we think about "witnessing"?
38:36 Is it wrong to quit my job?
01:02 Why did Jesus die for us?
01:11:11 How do I talk about childhood trauma while honoring my parents?
01:28:12 Is Psalm 29 about creation?
01:36:35 Does unconfessed sin condemn you
01:52:58 Will despair over my sin drive me out of the faith?
02:02:40 Food, medicine, GMOs and discernment

The opinions expressed on the SMChill are those of RevFisk, but sometimes also God. Studies show that learning to tell the difference greatly enhances your viewing experience. 

If you need help, the Holy Bible stands ready to assist you, as (hopefully) does your local, trustworthy pastor.

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